DACA Recipients Compete With American Citizens

The Claim:

Steven Camorata argues that DACA “harms working-class voters, the very people who put Trump over the top. The employment situation for those without a college education continues to look bleak. We can see this clearly if we ignore the official unemployment rate, which includes only people who report they have actively looked for a job in the prior four weeks.”

The Problem:

There is no evidence to back this claim

First of all, there’s simply not enough data on DACA recipients to make this claim, says the Cato Institute. The argument that DACA immigrants take jobs from American citizens is “more complicated than it seems and lacks evidence to back it up.” But if anything, DACA recipients are expanding the economy and creating jobs: “Immigrants tend to buy goods and services that, in effect, create jobs, which can be good for U.S. citizens,” according to Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars fellow David Shirk.