The Diversity Visa Program Is Exploited By Terrorists

The Claim:

CIS is convinced the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is being used by terrorists to attack our country, devoting an entire section on their website to tying it to crime and terrorism, and even calling to end the program. They state that, “the security risk has grown over the years as the program admits a disproportionate share of immigrants from terrorist breeding grounds and has a high level of fraud.”

The Problem:

There is no proof to back this up

First of all, the program is a random lottery, so “it is hard to see how the system could be easily manipulated by those who want to do harm to the United States,” according to Kevin Johnson, an immigration law expert at UC Davis School of Law. Second, immigrants who use the program are subject to rigorous background checks and careful vetting. These two factors make it unsurprising that in the decades of the program’s history, approximately 1 million green cards have been awarded to immigrants and only one was convicted of carrying out an attack. Or as the CATO Institute wryly puts it: “The diversity visa is not a wise choice for foreign-born terrorists.”